Tonight, February 17, 2014, Jimmy Fallon will host The Tonight Show for the first time. Hopefully you read that in your most epic inner voice, with a bit of echo – it is a momentous occasion, after all. Fallon has been teasing his move for months now, but both he and his predecessor Jay Leno have kept mum on how exactly the new Tonight will be different. Ahead of tonight’s premiere, we take a look at Fallon’s hosting style and the top five things that are bound to change under his rule.

It's the dawn of a new era for Tonight.

1. New band leader. Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson has been with Fallon on The Late Show for a few years and he knows the bandleader job well. He’s been performing with the roots since 1993 and is now replacing Rickey Minor on Tonight. The change can only be a good thing, since Questlove's generally pretty awesome. Just check out the video below.

2. Slow jam the news. If this segment from Late Night doesn’t make it into Fallon’s new home, there might be riots in the streets. There’s no better way to hear about rising level of unemployment and debt, than Fallon suggestively retelling it to the sounds of smooth jazz. And anyway, with Questlove coming along, cutting the slow jam would just be a missed opportunity.

3. A lot more dancing. And a lot more rapping. And probably plenty more awkward moments. Fallon’s trademark brand of humor is very physical, so we’d be shocked if he didn’t bust a move on his very first night.

Jimmy Fallon, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
You wouldn't know it from the above picture, but Fallon can get down.

4. New York. Not only will this return Tonight to its first home, it also means that the crew and production team of Late Night is staying with Fallon. With them on board the new Tonight is bound to feel very familiar.

5. Thank you notes. Jimmy Fallon himself confirmed that the segment will stay, as a way for him and the production team to connect with fans and just for general fun times, really.