Jimmy Fallon's reign as host of Late Night has come to a timely finish and after the comic aired the compilation special The Best of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Sunday, 5 December, night it was very much the beginning of the end. Not to worry though, as the final bow from Fallon on the Late Show came with a friendly reminder that Fallon will be back in even bigger shoes to walk in very soon.

Jimmy Fallon
Fallon seems like the best man for the job

As the trailer (watch below) points out, Fallon is moving on to continue 60 years of television tradition when he replaces Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show next month, and the trailer doesn't toy around with how important the gig is for Fallon. Featuring clips of every Tonight Show host to fall before him, from Jack Paar, Carnac the Magnificent (and Johnny Carson in normal attire), a very young Jay Leno, Steve Allen and even Conan O'Brien, the emphasis on what Fallon faces isn't sugarcoated. After all, we don't want another Conan-fiasco again do we?

Fallon moves into the shiny new Tonight Show studio on 17 February, with the show itself undergoing a major reinvention not just concerning the host. After decades spent in Los Angeles, the show will move to New York for the first time since 1972. NBC are reportedly spending millions on renovating Studio 6B, where Fallon hosted Late Night throughout his tenure, as they look to bring as much of Fallon's internet-friendly humour to the late night chat show circuit as possible. Coincidentally, Studio 6B is also the place where Jack Paar hosted The Tonight Show throughout his entire run and where Johnny Carson spent the first ten years of his thirty year spell on the show.

As for Late Night, that show has by no means been confined to the scrap heap, quite the opposite actually. Seth Meyers will make the jump from SNL to late night chat when he assumes Fallon's mantle. Meyer's will resume Late Night as soon as Fallon is set up in the Tonight Show studios next month.

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