Jimmy Fallon has exploded into his new hosting role on The Tonight Show, replacing the former host of two decades, Jay Leno. If Fallon was feeling nervous, he wasn't showing any signs as he leapt headfirst into his new job, performing a skit alongside Will Smith called "The Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing."

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon Has Thrown Himself Into 'The Tonight Show' With Gusto.

Fallon appeared onstage wearing a decidedly nineties shirt, denim dungarees and swinging silver chain and heavy timberland-style boots. A funky beat began playing and Will Smith strutted out in practically identical garb. The pair high-fived and kicked off with their first move, the cabbage patch, to excited hollering from the crowd.

They quickly morphed their routine into the running man, followed by everyone's favourite, the robot, and then the pop and lock. The dance took a comic turn as the 'steal the face' move became the 'steal the face then swallow it and throw it back up.' The audience were laughing but we bet all the cool kids will be doing it in the dancehalls by the weekend.

Watch Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith Walk Us Through The Evolution Of Hip Hip Dancing:

Will and Jimmy then tried 'the leg thing that no one can do' before waving their arms to the 'hey ho' and doing the 'MC Hammer' as 'U Can't Touch This' began playing. A highlight of their routine was the parodying of the classic nineties video effect, 'the fish eye,' as the pair did rap hand movements into a camera at their knee height.

Will Jaden Smith
Looks Like Will's Been Teaching 'The Carlton' To His Son, Jaden.

The I Am Legend actor got a bit carried away with the 'spank that' move and had to be reminded by Jimmy that they were now on the 'dirt off your shoulder step.' However, it was Jimmy's turn to get carried away with the last move, the 'twerk,' the move favoured by pop star Miley Cyrus. Smith didn't even attempt the oft-derided move but Fallon happily jiggled his "booty" to the beat.

Alfonso Ribeiro
'The Carlton'? It's A Classic!

Rather audibly, the crowd's favourite moment came when the pair started doing 'the Carlton,' the move made famous by Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air co-star Alfonso Ribeiro on the sitcom. Smith delighted UK fans back in May last year when he, his son Jaden and Ribeiro brought the dance to The Graham Norton Show whilst they sang Tom Jones' 'It's Not Unusual.'

Judging by the screams and laughter the move was drawing, it seems that people haven't got tired of the legendary move.