Jimmy Fallon has a history of celebrating pop culture on his show in a thoroughly enjoyable way, and his salute to HBO's hit fantasy series Game Of Thrones brought no change to the rule. The nearly 10-minute long tribute is currently doing the rounds across the web, and following a bleak and barren Sunday without the hit series Fallon's parody did just enough to keep GoT fans going until the return of season 3 later this year.

The Late Night... gang went all out for the tremendously OTT sketch, which looked to show the similarities between the Late Night studio and the fictional realm of Westeros, with the skit titled 'Game of Desks.' Fallon took on a variety of guises, including Sean Bean's Ned Stark and Emilia Clark's Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, with Late Night... regulars The Roots and even Jay Leno showing up for the 'behind the scenes' look at the Late Night... studio and the fight for the Iron Desk.

As House Fallon fought against House Fire Crotch in the bid to rule over the Rockefeller Kingdom, in the 'real' Game of Thrones world there has been a week off as the series draws towards it's penultimate episode of the third season. After this weeks laughs things will be getting serious again in the upcoming episode 'The Rains of Castamere,' which promises to be an all-action lead-up to full-blown conflict as the warring dominions of Westeros continue/begin their campaigns for the Iron Throne and the white walkers and wildings continue their marches down south.

Jimmy Fallon Primetime Emmys
His GoT tribute is nearly as ood as his tribute to the history of rap

Watch the full 9+ minute parody courtesy of Jimmy Fallon and NBC below.

Jimmy Fallon Today Show
The parody kept fans going while HBO has a week off from the series