If a pop culture trend exists, so does a Jimmy Fallon parody of it. Not that we’re complaining, the Late Night host does have a knack for parodies, which he proved once again with his latest – Joking Bad. As it turns out, even knock-knock jokes can be funny, if you frame them right.

Jimmy Fallon, Serpentine Gallery Summer Party
Much like Walt, Jimmy has just six more months left - at Late Night, that is.

“Jimmy, I’m afraid it’s bad news,” the segment starts. ”You only have six months.”

“Only six more months?” Fallon asks, in a near-perfect imitation of Walter White in season one.

“I’m afraid that’s our most optimistic estimate, but yes. Six more months… is all you have left at Late Night.”

That’s where a bunch of jokes about Fallon’s move to The Tonight Show, meth references (the blue joke cards are quite a nice touch) and, of course, adapted Breaking Bad plotlines kick off.

Jimmy Fallon, Primetime Emmy Awards
Consider this a warning: don't do bad jokes, kids.

It’s a pretty cool interpretation of Breaking Bad. Add to that the multiple cameos - Colin Quinn, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk all show up in various parts. In fact, Cranston and Paul, apparently in character, pop in to watch Fallon bomb on Late Night (because he’s sold all his jokes wholesale obviously). It’s all very self-referential and confusing, but if you can keep up, the full clip (courtesy of Late Night) can be seen below.

Watch the full, rather elaborate segment below.