Jimmy Choo is inviting fans to take part in a shoe sketch competition.

Sandra Choi, the creative director of the famous brand, has announced details of the #CHOOSKETCH initiative, asking fans who are self-quarantining during the Covid-19 pandemic to design their own fantasy footwear, with the possibility of having their sketches developed into a capsule collection for charity.

Sandra uploaded a sketch of a spring-themed stiletto to social media and wrote: ''Introducing #CHOOSKETCH: sketch your fantasy shoe and your design could be part of a capsule collection sold for charity.

''It's important to try to keep a positive mindset during these challenging times. The world is fighting something invisible to the eye that can be mentally and emotionally draining. For me, nature has always provided much needed escapism, watching the world continue to flourish as our usual way of life is interrupted has been enlightening. Mother Nature continues on in its own rhythm; spring is just starting and the blossom trees in my garden are providing a much needed light at the end of the tunnel.

''Never more have we needed to look to things that help our minds keep calm and stay positive. For my first #CHOOSKETCH I have created a fantasy shoe that takes inspiration from the pure beauty of blossom, contrasting against an infinite blue sky backlit with rays of golden sunlight. Our lives are on pause but nature continues to weave her magic, that helps to fuel my optimism.''

Those taking part need to submit their shoe design to the label's website by May 15. The Jimmy Choo team will whittle the entries down to 10 and ask their Instagram followers to vote for their top five.

Along with having their designs created and sold for charity, the winning designer will also receive a pair of their own footwear to keep.

Speaking about her inspiration for the competition, Choi said: ''I wanted to share my love of sketching with the Jimmy Choo community in the hope it will provide a moment of escape whilst we are all united by the challenges we are currently facing together. To put an idea together on paper is second nature to me. Sketching is part of my creative process as I sort through multiple ideas but more than that it can also act as a form of escape for me. It helps to soothe, calm and focus my head.''