Jimmy Choo is planning to shake things up.

The iconic footwear brand will reinvent itself with a bold new direction, advertising and store designs, in the hopes of appealing to an edgier kind of client as well as the glamorous 'Sex and the City' generation of the past.

Sandra Choi, the company's new creative director, told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It's time to give this place a shake. Jimmy Choo is that sexy, strappy, stiletto thing - but it can be something else, too.

''[The Choo woman] doesn't need to get her hair done, and she has a sense of attitude which is, 'You know what? This is me.' ''

Sandra - who took over the job three months ago - has been with the shoe giant since its beginnings, working first for her uncle and the company's founder, Jimmy Choo, and then under the direction of Tamara Mellon.

Recalling her first experience of working for Choo in 1989, she said: ''It was fascinating. Stylists like Jane How or Katie Grand were turning up wanting to borrow shoes for shoots. It felt good and I wanted to be part of it.''

However, Sandra has fallen out with her family since opting to remain with the firm when Choo sold his half-stake in the company in 2001 and moved back his atelier in Malaysia.

Asked if he is proud of her, she said: ''I don't know, you'll have to ask him. I hope he's proud of how his name has become known around the world.''