ROCKNROLLA star Jimi Mistry has shot a new documentary about DJ-ing on holiday island Ibiza.
The actor, who DJs all over the world when he's not shooting a movie, has spent the last three years making And The Beat Goes On.
The film chronicles the club scene on Ibiza - and those who play a major part in it.
The movie premiered at the Ibiza Film Festival and will be shown as part of the Notting Hill Festival in London in July (09).
Mistry tells WENN, "What I hope people get out of the documentary is that Ibiza is a very spiritual place. There's a reason why the best clubs in the world are in Ibiza and I wanted to go and find out why.
"What I found out is it's about the inspiration of being free. Some kids' taste of freedom is to go there for three days and get completely wasted and go to the best club and dance. Other people might spend five days at caves in the mountains and meditate or lie on the beach and eat fresh fish. It's not like anywhere else in the world.
"You can't go to Ibiza and not let go or else the island will spit you out. So if you're willing to let go in whatever way that you can, you'll set a spirit within yourself free."