On March 5, 2013, a new Jimi Hendrix album will be released. The album, entitled People, Hell and Angels, is a collection of twelve previously unreleased tracks, from the man who revolutionised guitar music in the late 60’s. The tracks are characterised by an experimental feel; Jimi worked on the tracks away from his band, The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

According to Rolling Stone, Hendrix was considering using some of the recordings for his album First Rays of the New Rising Sun, which was a double album planned for release after Electric Ladyland. In the recordings, he plays with horns, keyboards and percussion, veering away from his usual guitar work. Rolling Stone also published the album’s artwork; a simple black and white photograph of Hendrix, against a rippled background. He’s dressed in a military jacket and wearing a silk scarf, looking straight down the camera lens.

The release of the new material will cause great excitement amongst Hendrix fans. On Twitter, one user (@paperghost) decided to express his response upon hearing the news in a slightly ambiguous manner, though, saying “A new Hendrix album? Scuse me, while I milk this guy.” A criticism of the album’s existence? Or just a witty play on Hendrix lyrics? Either way, we think it’s pretty funny.