Members of Experience Hendrix LLC, who run the estate, have filed a lawsuit against Harvey Moltz, owner of Rainbow Guitars in Tucson, Arizona over a Black Widow acoustic guitar, which is believed to have belonged to Hendrix.

According to the complaint, the instrument was handed to Hendrix's father following the musician's death in 1970, and when his dad passed away, it was given to Experience Hendrix LLC. They first realised it was missing in 2014 when an auction house called to authenticate its sale.

Company bosses first filed a lawsuit against former Earth, Wind & Fire star Sheldon Reynolds, who was married to Hendrix's stepsister Janie, in November, 2014 for its return, but he no longer possessed the guitar.

The executives then launched more legal action in June (15) to stop it being auctioned off.

Janie, the CEO of Experience Hendrix, says, "The guitar is priceless to our family... It is one of the few guitars that came home after Jimi passed away. We just want our guitar returned safely and back where it belongs."

She is seeking the return of the guitar, plus damages.