A pop-up Jimi Hendrix shop has opened in the city where Hendrix first began his rise to fame, London, offering a collection of rare and unusual memorabilia for sale including a mosaic of the guitar legend made entirely from guitar picks. The shop has been set up on a temporary basis and is in honour of the release of the up-coming posthumous release People, Hell and Angels.

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix is still a name synonymous with guitar playing and the 1960's hippy movement, despite passing away in 1970

The artwork, made from approximately 4,000 plectrums, was created by Manchester-based mosaic artist Ed Chapman and was commissioned by the guitar maker Fender, whose Stratocaster guitar was made world-famous by Hendrix. Chapman, who has previously worked on mosaics made from coins, phones and sugar cubes, told ITV that he was "thrilled" to be asked to work on the Hendrix portrait, which will be made available for public viewing tomorrow (April 2) when it is displayed in the shop on West London's Ganton Street.

The shop will remain open until April 12 to coincide with the UK release of the album, which was released March 5th in America, with the album consisting of previously unheard material from the 60's icon written by him between 1968 - 69. Other merchandise available at the shop includes photographs and albums as well as a guitar course called 'Jimi Hendrix Master Classes' that is being overseen by experts from the Fender guitar company. Since the album was released last month it has been met by mostly positive reviews.