Jimi Hendrix'S former press officer has been talking of the first time the legendary musician decided to set fire to his guitar.

Tony Garland was present the first time Hendrix set fire to his instrument – on a tour which was bizarrely headed by THE WALKER BROTHERS and Engelbert Humperdinck, reports Uncut magazine.

According to Garland, the idea was hatched by Jimi's manager Chas Candler, who enlisted the help of the press officer.

"It was my job to do what Chas told me to do," says Garland. "They said they were going to burn it – so I nipped round the corner to buy some Ronson lighter fuel. It sounds ludicrous – but they were fairly ludicrous days. Things were done on the spur of the moment. We did lots of crazy things back then."

The guitar – which has now been restored – is going up for auction September 4th in London, where it is expected to fetch more than a million dollars.

28/08/2008 10:45:21