Jimi Hendrix's stepsister JANIE HENDRIX is hoping to resolve an ongoing dispute with British newspaper The Times over a 1969 Royal Albert Hall show in London, so she can release the accompanying DVD.
Hendrix, the president and CEO of Experience Hendrix, has revealed she has painstakingly pieced together a 106-minute film, featuring footage from her late brother's two-night stand at the fabled venue and rare backstage moments.
But she refuses to do anything with it until her legal battle with The Times has wrapped up this spring (10).
The newspaper issued the Royal Albert Hall concerts highlights as a free CD to readers in 2006, and were sued by Hendrix and the estate of her late brother.
The Times publishers lost the case and a cash settlement will be determined in weeks.
Until then, Janie Hendrix has no plans for the DVD.
She tells CelebrityAccess.com's Larry LeBlanc, "We put it (footage) together, and it's over 106 minutes long. It's wonderful."