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The Sound Of Seattle: Budweiser Made In America See How Music Has Changed In The Noisy City

Nirvana Foo Fighters Soundgarden Pearl Jam Alice In Chains Mudhoney Fleet Foxes The Head and the Heart Perfume Genius Macklemore Death Cab For Cutie Jimi Hendrix Quincy Jones

Nirvana promo shot
Nirvana remains to be one of the best things to come out of Seattle

Seattle has one of the most legendary music scenes in America so it's only right that we delve into their record collection as Budweiser Made in America festival quickly approaches.

Budweiser Made in America is all for musical diversity, celebrating the different subcultures of sound in all cities be it the country twang of Nashville, the superstar pop of LA or the Motown domination of Detroit. That's why Budweiser have put their heads together to release this series of nationwide music documentaries ahead of the festival, to cement that important ideology of variation and musical freedom.

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See Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix In 'All Is By My Side' [Trailer]

Andre 3000 Jimi Hendrix Imogen Poots Hayley Atwell Ruth Negga Burn Gorman

The movie trailer for the upcoming biopic of Jimi Hendrix has been released. The film, entitled Jimi: All Is By My Side, stars Outkast's Andre 3000 AKA Andre Benjamin as the late rock icon.

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix photographed in 1967.

Hendrix became a rock icon in the 1970s but his life was tragically cut sort in 1970 when he died at the age of 27. The cause of death cited as a lethal concoction of prescription medication which led to asphyxia, causing Hendrix to choke on his own vomit. The film has been long anticipated as Hendrix's story truly epitomises the astronomic rise and tragic demise of a hugely popular and influential figure. 

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Music Fans Crown Ozzy Osbourne And Lady Gaga "Hardest Artists To Understand"

Ozzy Osbourne Lady GaGa Rihanna Miley Cyrus Jay Z Bob Dylan Jimi Hendrix Shaggy Sean Paul Prince

Music fans have named Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna in their top ten hardest artists to understand lyrically. 2000 people took part in the poll, which was created by Blinkbox music, a music streaming service.  The poll aimed to find out which artist's lyrics fans find the hardest to decipher.

Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath Music fans have named Ozzy Osbourne the hardest artist to understand

Ozzy Osbourne bagged first place as the artist whose music is hardest to make out. Fans are often left confused about what the Black Sabbath frontman is saying in his songs. It’s unclear whether they are able to understand him when he isn’t singing, as demonstrated by his bizarre Grammys intro speech.

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Andre 3000 Is Jimi Hendrix In New Biopic Premiering At SXSW Next Week

Andre 3000 Jimi Hendrix

Outkast’s Andre 3000 got the chance of a lifetime – to play one of his idols, Jimi Hendrix, in an upcoming biopic. The first promotional images for All By My Side have been released, and the film is about to have its US premiere at South by Southwest next week.

Andre Benjamin, All Is By My Side Film Set
Benjamin in character on the set of the film.

In it, Andre 3000 (real name Andre Benjamin) portrays one crucial story from Hendrix’ life – his friendship with one Linda Keith, an ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, who inspired a lot of Hendrix’s original work. The film itself originated from an instrumental by Hendrix, called Sending My Love to Linda. When screenwriter/director John Ridley (who just won Best Adapted Screenplay at Sunday night’s Oscars) stumbled upon the song, he got the idea to work the story into a full screenplay. From then on, the journey from page to screen took roughly seven years.

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Starting At Zero - His Own Story - Jimi Hendrix Book Review

'Starting At Zero - His Own Story' is an ambitious project. It is not very often you can use the word 'ambitious' to describe a book about a widely respected long-dead figure, but 'Starting At Zero' takes a different approach to the hundreds of works already written on who many call the greatest guitarist to ever live. What is contained within it is an autobiography of sorts, painstakingly compiled from reams and reels of letters, writings and musings chalked down by Jimi himself, entirely in his own voice. Outside of the introduction, which outlines the inspiration for the project and goes some way to distancing it from accusations of simply seeking to make a profit from the legacy of others, there is no further input from the two authors who have compiled it. 'Starting At Zero' is, like many other autobiographies, ghost-written - but here the ghost is the subject.

Starting At Zero - His Own Story - Jimi Hendrix Book Review

Being that it is compiled from fragments, the flow from start to finish is not as seamless as a typical autobiography. His childhood, time in the military and other events that you feel would be key to telling his story are barely touched upon, and his journey from penniless musician to superstar takes up no more than a couple of pages. But for such a restless spirit this seems somewhat apt; on a road that was traversed at such an exhilarating speed there is little time for meditation.

It tells of little that is new to anyone but it is the most personal account available of Johnny Allen Hendrix. Hendrix the man - not Jimi Hendrix the legend. It paints the picture of an intelligent man who believed in peace and love but who was grounded in real earth and not afraid to embrace his demons, a man who was supremely confident in his abilities but who didn't think that said abilities put him on a pedestal and a free thinker of astounding vigour and boundless energy who could have been a master in any field that had taken his interest.

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Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix In Biopic 'All Is By My Side'- Lacked Crucial Elements

Jimi Hendrix Andre 3000

The Toronto Film Festival has a very diverse movie list this year, but no film stands more alone than the biopic 'All Is By My Side', portraying the pre-fame years of Jimi Hendrix, one of the biggest rock 'n' roll icons ever.

The director, John Ridley, didn't follow the usual formula of previous biopic movies, he depicted a 23 year old Hendrix living in London (1966), at the time an unknown backup guitarist who had two turbulent relationships with Linda Keith and Kathy Etchingham, before his meteoric rise to fame.

Before leaving for the Toronto Film Festival, Ripley spoke with a small audience at an open air café in Los Angeles explaining why he continued to fight for this project, "This got to be a story I was so passionate about, I could not give it up," he also expressed the attraction of what he calls "the emotional velocity" of Hendrix's journey which was was not shared by executives, resulting in the film being shot as a small independent production.

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Rod Stewart Attributed Steroid Abuse To His Small Member

Rod Stewart Penny Lancaster Jimi Hendrix

Penny Lancaster, the wife of rock legend Rod Stewart, has chosen to describe his manhood as ''pretty, but not large.'' Stewart, 68, recently revealed that his penis shrunk due to a steroid addiction in the late 1980s. He has also revealed that his 42-year-old wife doesn't mind the size, as the couple have fun in the bedroom often enough. Stewart explained that: ''My wife says it's pretty, but not large. But we do it two to three times a week. When you've got two small kids like us we have got to fit it in between the children.''

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Stewart and Lancaster have two sons together - Alistair and Aiden - and Stewart has gone on to reveal that he was due to make a plaster cast of his member, but decided against it in the 1970s when he saw how big Jimi Hendrix's mould was. He told the story to 'The Daily Star', saying that: ''I remember it like it was yesterday. When I saw Jimi's I pulled my trousers back on and left sheepishly.''

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'A Night With Janis Joplin': Janis Joplin Brought To Life On Broadway

Janis Joplin Amy Adams Jimi Hendrix

The prolific 1960s rock n' roll singer might not be around any more to perform but fans of her songs can experience A Night With Janis Joplin: a musical celebration of Joplin and her lasting influence upon singers. Mary Bridget Davis stars as the "boozy, bluesy, hot-mama" legend Joplin in the musical which producers say will start previews in the Lyceum Theatre from September, according to the Associated Press. In 2005, she competed with 150 other actresses for the highly coveted role in a production which has toured Portland, Washington D.C., Pasadena and Milwaukee.

Janis Joplin Performed At Woodstock Festival In 1969.

The show is written and directed by Randy Johnson and will feature a live onstage band performing all the Joplin classics, including 'Me and Bobby McGee', 'Mercedez Benz' and 'Summertime'. The show's website describes Joplin as a "comet that burns far too brightly to last" and "the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll." Joplin's distinctive hoarse, husky sounding voice "filled with raw emotion and tinged with Southern Comfort" is described by music historian Tom Moon as "devastatingly original."

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4,000 Plectrums Used In Jimi Hendrix Portrait, On Display In London Store

Jimi Hendrix

A stunning portrait of Jimi Hendrix has been created ahead of the release of his posthumous album, People Hell and Angels, The Telegraph reports. The artwork, constructed from 4,000 Fender plectrums, will go on public display today at a pop up store on Ganton Street, West London. It was created by Manchester-based artist Ed Chapman, who said “I was totally thrilled when I was called by Fender and asked to create my version of Jimi Hendrix's iconic image and it's a real honour… Jimi's sister. Janie L. Hendrix, will see it at the store and I'd love to hear her thoughts on the portrait.”

Measuring 105 x 80 cm, the new artwork marked a change in medium for Chapman. “I usually work in ceramic tile, but plectrums are a great medium to create art and I hope they are a fitting tribute to an amazing musician.” Chapman is known within the art world for his ground-breaking mosaic work. He has created portraits from a variety of materials in the past, including coins, glass, sugar cubes and mobile phones. His work has been displayed and sold around the world.

Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 at the age of 27. This latest album of studio material, People Hell and Angels, contains 12 tracks that were recorded as Hendrix collated material for the follow-up to Electric Ladyland. They have not been released until now. 

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Jimi Hendrix Mosaic, Made Entirely From Guitar Picks, Goes On Sale In London

Jimi Hendrix

A pop-up Jimi Hendrix shop has opened in the city where Hendrix first began his rise to fame, London, offering a collection of rare and unusual memorabilia for sale including a mosaic of the guitar legend made entirely from guitar picks. The shop has been set up on a temporary basis and is in honour of the release of the up-coming posthumous release People, Hell and Angels.

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix is still a name synonymous with guitar playing and the 1960's hippy movement, despite passing away in 1970

The artwork, made from approximately 4,000 plectrums, was created by Manchester-based mosaic artist Ed Chapman and was commissioned by the guitar maker Fender, whose Stratocaster guitar was made world-famous by Hendrix. Chapman, who has previously worked on mosaics made from coins, phones and sugar cubes, told ITV that he was "thrilled" to be asked to work on the Hendrix portrait, which will be made available for public viewing tomorrow (April 2) when it is displayed in the shop on West London's Ganton Street.

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The Review Round Up: Jimi Hendrix 'People, Hell And Angels' Is A Look To The Future That Never Happened

Jimi Hendrix

Having had more albums released of his work posthumously than in life, Jimi Hendrix's career is both impressive, a little confusing, and fairly tragic. In life he released just three albums and an LP, but since then multitudinous albums of 'new' and rehashed music, compilations and recording outtakes. The latest is an album named People, Hell and Angels.

While it must be fun for die-hard fans to hear more music from their idol, it must also be considerably frustrating. While no reviews say as much, much of the praise is given to where Jimi was going with his music. Of course, however, he never got there, and is down to our mere imaginations to take us on from where Jimi started the journey. 

The Guardian gave the album 4/5 stars and said the experimental direction evident in People, Hell and Angels "suggests Hendrix could have made a blistering metamorphosis into turbocharged electric soul." USA Today agreed, saying that "the material was strong, and it is clear that a new, fuller and funkier sound was about to emerge, with Jimi's Fender Stratocaster leading the charge." Rolling Stone also gave 4/5 stars, claiming; "Hendrix left us so much but in precious little time. Every shred counts."

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Jimi Hendrix's 'People Hell And Angels': Is It A Posthumous Album Too Far?

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is certainly one of the more prolific artists from beyond the grave, and the late star has got another album to his name, with a new set of unreleased material, People, Hells And Angels, coming out in stores this week.

The album is the latest to be put out by Experience Hendrix, the company set up by the guitarist’s 51 year-old step sister Janie Hendrix, and it’s through her drive to find undiscovered rarities that the deceased star’s collection is now far more bulky than the three studio albums he committed to tape before his death in 1970. People, Hells And Angels is a much blues-ier affair by Jimi’s standard. "When I listen to Hear My Train A Comin', it feels almost ghostlike," Janie Hendrix told the Detroit Press. "It's so deep south of the universe and filled with the blues. When we transferred the tapes, my heart got so full I started to cry."

Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell & Angels Album Review

Let's get this out of the way straight out of the gate: People, Hell & Angels is by no means essential Hendrix, neither is it a cynical cash in. It's certainly one of the better posthumous releases to bear Jimi's name, but, ultimately, it is little more than a curio. While the seeds of the planned double album follow up to Electric Ladyland can undoubtedly be found here; as an album in its own right, People, Hell & Angels was always going to struggle to not be a patchwork of half finished ideas.

Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell & Angels Album Review

The biggest consideration should actually be that Hendrix didn't intend for these 12 recordings to be heard. That's probably part of the reason as to why he owned the master recordings in an effort to develop the material without pressure from record company bosses to meet a deadline. While the utmost care and attention has been put into polishing these songs for release - and the sound quality is surprisingly good - this isn't the powerhouse Hendrix that you'd be expecting. Instead, co-producer Eddie Kramer has admirably rescued a number of songs and jams complete with mostly finished vocal performances that demonstrate a more relaxed blues style than much of Jimi's other work.

The two-standout tracks are opener 'Earth Blues' and 'Izabella'. The former is a funky and seemingly almost finished composition that has echoes of 'Crosstown Traffic' in its lead guitar performance. The latter is a markedly different take on a previously issued song that would have been central to Hendrix's next album (he'd already earmarked the lyric "here come the rays of the rising sun" as the inspiration for the title of that record). Lead single 'Somewhere' is also notable for its impressive and signature guitar solos, but it rarely elevates itself to the quite the crescendo that you'd hope for.

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'New' Music From Jimi Hendrix 'People, Hell And Angels' "Manages To Justify Its Existence"

Jimi Hendrix

While some cynics are whining about the ironic lack of newness to Jimi Hendrix 'new' album People, Hell and Angels, many seem to be missing the truly extraordinary feat that the iconic guitarist has achieved: such immense popularity 40 years after his death that people still want and are excited about new music to come from him. Though cynics may whine about that they certainly aren't under any illusions of the transcendent skill and quality in Jimi Hendrix's music, and reviews so far have been enormously positive.

Jimi Hendrix performing

Hendrix performing

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Surprise! Johnny Depp Makes Impromptu Appearance Onstage With Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp Alice Cooper Beatles The Doors Jimi Hendrix Marilyn Manson Eurythmics

Johnny Depp appears to be forging a new career for himself as ‘surprise guitarist’ for some of the world’s biggest rock artists.

OK, so we have scant evidence on which to be basing this claim but there are at least two incidences in the recent past on which we are building our case. On Thursday (November 30, 2012), Depp appeared onstage at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, according to People.com, where he lent a hand to Alice Cooper, and knocked out a few riffs for the veteran rocker.

Dressed in a striking black hat, adorned with feathers, a striped black shirt and jeans and an elaborate beaded necklace (he never has quite shaken that Captain Jack Sparrow look, has he?), Depp joined Cooper for a few covers. They played a version of ‘Break on Through (To the Other Side)’ by The Doors before charging through a version of ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles and, just to add that Wayne’s World vibe, they then ploughed through ‘Foxy Lady,’ by Jimi Hendrix. A source said “Johnny was in great spirits. He was really happy and at ease, especially on stage with the rest of the band."

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Rejected By Decca - The Beatles' Original Audition Tape Up For Auction

Beatles Jimi Hendrix Rolling Stones

On New Year’s Day, 1962, The Beatles travelled from Liverpool to London to record up to 15 songs at Decca’s label, for the label’s senior A&R guy, Dick Rowe, to consider with a view to possibly signing the band. Ten of those songs are included on an original master tape that will be put up for auction on November 27 2012. Dick Rowe became known as the man that turned down The Beatles.

Reuters report that the tape is expected to fetch around £18 – 20,000 ($29,000 – 32,000). The likelihood of the content of the tape receiving a commercial release, however, would be slim, as The Beatles own the copyright through their own company. The tape is marked up as ‘The Silver Beatles,’ which is the name briefly used by the group before they found fame. It comes accompanied with a handwritten track list, as well as a black and white photograph of the band posing in their leather jackets. The image would most likely have been used as the record sleeve image.

Ted Owen of The Fame Bureau auction house, specialising in music memorabilia told Reuters “the most important thing about this is the quality. There are bootlegs out there, horrible bootlegs – some are at the wrong speed, others are crackly and taken from a cassette off an acetate. This quality we have never heard.” Also on sale at the auction is a black Fender Stratocaster played by Jimi Hendrix at his legendary Monterey Festival set in 1967. Dick Rowe for the record, managed to save his reputation, at least, by signing The Rolling Stones.

Jimi Hendrix, Winterland Album Review

While the lucrative business of posthumous Jimi Hendrix releases will no doubt continue for some time, the new Winterland box set does stand as a fitting tribute to quite possibly the greatest guitarist of his generation. Spread across four discs, this is an extensive look at the 6 performances that Jimi and his band undertook at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom in October 1968. Although the best of this material was released in 1987 as a single disc compilation, a more complete and interesting picture is presented with this new set.

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Jimi Hendrix, 40th Anniversary DVD & Lanch Eventl

Jimi Hendrix

40th Anniversary

DVD & Lanch Event

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Monterey Pop Review

For those of us who weren't yet born when the 1960's rock 'n' rolled around, Monterey Pop affords an affectionate glimpse of the music that influenced our parents to be hippies. From Otis Redding to Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin to the Mamas and the Papas, and Jefferson Airplane to The Who, this documentary is jam-packed with contagious energy. But I give fair warning that I will reveal the ending, which does not do the rest of the film the justice it deserves.

Shot in 1969 at an outdoor concert that precluded Woodstock, the film defies the stereotype of the general population at the time. Sure, some have painted their faces and smoke joints, but D.A. Pennebaker (The War Room, Moon Over Broadway) surprisingly chooses to show a broad spectrum of the audience. No matter who is watching, it all comes back to the talented musicians that stir your soul.

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Jimi Hendrix

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