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Irish Stars Back Campaign For Abortion Law Change

The Dark Knight star and the My Left Foot moviemaker have backed calls to abolish the country's eighth amendment, which gives constitutional rights to a foetus even in the early stages of pregnancy,...

Jim Sheridan: Colin Farrell Was Almost The 'Next Mess Up'

Jim Sheridan admires how Colin Farrell turned his life around.The 'Seven Psychopaths' actor checked into rehab in 2006 after his partying got out of control and director and close friend Jim admits Colin was on...

Colin Farrell: 'Fatherhood Is The Most Important Thing'

Colin Farrell's children are his main priority.The 'Seven Psychopaths' actor has two sons, James, nine, and Henry, three, from previous relationships and revealed he no longer worries about work so much because he just wants...

Movie Reviews Dream House

It's always a bad sign when a studio fails to screen a movie for critics in advance of its release. But how bad could a film starring the likes of Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and...

50 Cent: 'Mcgriff Is Not My Father'

Rapper 50 CENT has blasted reports suggesting incarcerated drug kingpin KENNETH 'SUPREME' MCGRIFF is his father, insisting people are taking his 2005 film too literally. In movie flop GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' 50's arch-foe,...

50 Cent Reluctant To Get Naked In Shower Scene

Rapper 50 CENT had to get completely naked for a prison shower scene in his movie debut GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' when his flesh-coloured shorts changed colour under water. 50 was wearing the...

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