Jim Parsons, star of the hit nerd comedy 'The Big Bang Theory', has found the funny side in wrong tabloid reports, claiming that he has been to Neil Patrick Harris for advice about getting a surrogate parent in order to start a family. 40-year-old Parsons has been part of an 11-year relationship with his boyfriend Todd Spiewak, and despite claims that the two were planning to get married, Parsons has denied these claims. Using this as a basis, Parsons has gone on to launch a rant against incorrect tabloid journalism.

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According to 'America's National Enquirer', Parsons has been trying to start a family recently, going as far to question Harris about how his experiences with a surrogate to get twins Gideon and Harper. But the television star is now fighting the claims, supposedly baffled by the way in which tabloid journalists have repeatedly reported false news in such detail that is has caused his problems with his friends and family.

He recently explaied, "I've been in three stories [in the Enquirer] that I know of: one was that I was engaged to Todd, my partner, and that was a few years ago, right after I'd won an Emmy, and they said that it was on Emmy night and that I'd said, 'You know, the only thing that would make this sweeter is if you'd marry me'. First off, they get enough facts right about who is who that everyone in your family calls, 'Would you like to tell us something?' 'No, I don't want to tell you anything!' So that's not true at all...

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"A few months later they printed a story that said it was off, the marriage is off because Todd wants children and Jim doesn't. Not true. Well, not 'not true', but there was no wedding to call off, but I was less interested in children and still am...

"The most recent one is that we're gonna get a surrogate. My favourite part of that one was that I had gotten counselling from Neil Patrick Harris and Neil had told me that I could do it, that I can handle [fatherhood]. Now I'm friendly with Neil, but I've never seen the inside of Neil's house - he's certainly not counselling me on surrogate children!"

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