It’s that time of the year again – the season of season finales – and one of those is the final episode of Big Bang Theory. Not the final final one, though we don’t see any reason to care, if it were otherwise. But still, the series will trudge on, promoting stereotypes of smart people, while at the same time peddling to those exact same nerds. At least there’s some nice juicy drama in this one though, which comes from the thriving relationship of Leonard and Penny, surprisingly. But when Leonard gets a gig with an expedition with Steven Hawking’s team, the question is, where will their relationship go from there? Of course, Raj and his girl are having some problems too and Sheldon’s problem is that he, surprisingly, is afraid of being left alone and wants Leonard to stay. Of course, you don’t really care about the plot, because The Big Bang Theory is mostly about Sheldon’s oh-so-hilarious misanthropic quips (which, coincidentally, might be symptomatic of some form of autism).

In six seasons, Big Bang has more than doubled its viewership and is currently one of CBS's top productions. So, who knows, maybe there's something there. If you’re keen on watching the team’s shenanigans, the finale will air as usual tonight (Thursday) on CBS.

Johnny Galecki, Beverly Hilton Hotel
Johnny Galecki, aka Leonard, arriving at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.