The Big Bang Theory Finale ties up season 6 tonight. We’re not sure if we should say SPOILER here in big capital letters, because all you should expect is a nice bit cliff hanger, ready to be picked up in season 7.

"This time, the adventure is for Leonard," Simon Helberg, who plays everyone’s favourite aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz explained. "Howard finds Stephen Hawking's crew is sending out an expedition to the North Sea, and he gets Leonard a job, going on a boat for four months." This, like Howard’s trip to space in the previous season, threatens tension with the characters better half. "The obstacle is Penny and Leonard have never been better," Helberg continued. "So, is he really going to leave her for four months?" But it’s not just about those two either, and thank heavens for that, as Jim Parson’s Sheldon Cooper has a large part to play. As the BBT has developed, Sheldon has become the most-loved character on the show, with Parsons winning numerous awards for his betrayal of the socially awkward genius. Sheldon doesn’t want his best-bud Leonard to leave either, and that, as you can imagine, will have hilarious consequences.

Big Bang Theory castThe Big Bang Theory cast enjoy the Choice Awards

Add to that a spatter of geek-jealousy, and you’ve got yourself a classic episode of Big Bang. "Howard's a little competitive now that Leonard is getting the spotlight, (because) no one cared about Howard being an astronaut. So, it creates this sort of ripple effect," explains Helberg.