Thursday (May 16) night's episode of the Big Bang Theory ushered out the latest series of the sitcom in thoroughly underwhelming fashion, ending the sixth season of the show in the same kind of style that has existed throughout the show's current run.

This series ended, as the show so often does when it comes to wrapping up a series, with question marks hovering above Penny and Leonard's relationship. Leonard had been given the opportunity of a lifetime to work with with Stephen Hawking, unfortunately this will mean he has to spend four months on a boat in the middle of the North Sea. As Sheldon noted, Leonard and Penny have never been better and four months apart may change things for the worse. Then again Sheldon doesn't like to be alone, does he, so he would come up with a dilema to potentially keep his roommate and best friend in Pasadena.

Still, this was a valid point by Sheldon, but by the end of the episode Leonard and Penny seemed to have come to an agreement without Sheldon's help. Penny promises Leonard that regardless of the time spent apart their relationship won't suffer, sending him off with a heartfelt "I love you" and a kiss goodbye.

One relationship that didn't end on a good note though was that of Raj and Lucy, who ended the season apart despite Raj's best efforts to keep them together. Really, it was because of Raj's efforts that the two ended up breaking up, with his incessant efforts to lure her out of her shell ending in disaster, with Lucy ending things via text. Funny thing is, Amy was actually making progress with Lucy in making her more open and social, but she forgot to notice that maybe it was Raj's pushiness that was dragging them apart, his insistence that she come to Leonard's farewell party proving to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

It wasn't all bad for Raj though, as he went to Penny for comfort and left with more than he bargained for; a newfound sense of confidence! Yes it has taken six season but Raj actually talked to Penny, and he wasn't drunk when he did it. Unluckily for Penny though once he realised this he didn't want to shut up.

As mildly entertaining as the whole thing was, it still failed to live up to previous season finales, and carried on the same steady pace that season six has been going at. Lets hope that when the show returns for a seventh time things are a little more exciting and back to previous seasons glory.

Big Bang Theory
Hopefully season seven will be a little better than this one