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Jim Noir
All Right
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Jim Noir All Right EP

Jim Noir is not your typical artist, for a start there is no way of pinning him down to a certain genre of music and he really is original in his ways of making music. After touring for what seems a decade Jim Noir returns with a little taster in the shape of his new EP. This is a taster though because he is also expected to chuck out an album after the release of his new EP All Right.

A true solo artist in every sense of the word Jim compiles most of his tunes in the comfort of his own home, and why not? The EP starts off by luring you into a false sense of security with low, soft vocals slowing just singing AAAHHHH AAAHHH AAAHH, Then as the title track continues something else is added and then something else just like a Jamie Oliver recipe. The electronic sounds entwined with the vocals is just pure magic and for all you care, you could be on flood warnings and it's pelting it down outside, but while you listen to this for it's four minutes life the sun is shinning where you are at this exact moment.

With Standing On A Corner, Jim captures music from the Sixties when it was pure and nice, yet with an increased tempo to it. Just because you see the Sixties mentioned that doesn't mean that it is backdated nor is it boring. It just means that Jim Noir believes that it was time that this was reintroduced and rehashed by the likes of him.

Once you get to the third track, you can see why this is only an EP. At this point you are checking the strength of whatever it is you are drinking. If you are drinking Tea then you are making sure that it has not been spiked because you have now truly entered the world of Jim Noir.

This is Jim Noir; always exciting and you never know what is to come next. As for the final track on the album, if you want to know more then buy the EP because this review ends here!

Mark Moore

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