Jim Morrison's longtime bodyguard has exploded the myth the rock legend was an irresponsible rebel, revealing for the first time that The Doors frontman owned a secret house. For decades it has been believed the hedonistic rocker lived in a tiny hotel room near his record company's offices on La Cienega Avenue in Los Angeles, but his minder TONY FUNCHES reveals Morrison was actually a homeowner. Speaking exclusively to The Doors Collectors Magazine, Funches says, "He owned a place on the Kings Road (in Los Angeles). It was above the (Sunset) Strip, not far from the Continental Riot House (Hyatt Hotel nickname). "Kings Road, at that time, was a winding street... It was and still is a very beautiful street with well-kept homes and manicured lawns and landscaping. "The one time I was there with him, the place was virtually empty, except for the usual bachelor fruit crates, and a lamp here and there." Funches claims Morrison bought the house as "a tax write-off." He adds, "He needed the tax write-off, and Jim was told he could benefit from having the security and comfort of a home instead of the room at the Alta Cienega (hotel)... but he rarely visited the place."