SIMPLE MINDS star Jim Kerr has urged Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher to get over his divorce from actress Patsy Kensit if he wants to win back the band's fans.

Kerr also married and divorced Kensit and fathered her son James, 12.

But he insists that unlike Gallagher, he refused to let the actress ruin his music career, and he advises the WONDERWALL to follow his example if he wants to make an album as good as Simple Minds' latest disc, 050505.

He says, "I think Oasis have lost their edge, but if they can pass through the phases of having the houses in the country and the ex-wives, the music will come back to them.

"Then Oasis will be able to make the album we've just made. Oasis were a band of a generation and they have no new tricks.

"The challenge for Oasis is to come through this. Liam is a fantastic frontman but his band were a band of their generation like Blur."