Rocker Jim Kerr was so obsessed with perfecting his debut solo album, he missed a flight because he was busy writing a song in the departure lounge.
The Simple Minds frontman will release his first solo effort - Lostboy! AKA - later this month (May10) after more than 30 years singing with the Don't You (Forget About Me) hitmakers.
Kerr admits he harboured "massive doubts" about going it alone after so long in a band - and his drive to make the perfect record led to a night sleeping rough at a Swiss airport.
He tells Britain's Sunday Mail, "I travelled from London to Switzerland... I was only there for the afternoon so didn't change the time on my watch. When I got back to Zurich Airport I had two hours to kill so thought I'd do some work on a song called Remember Asia.
"I got so engrossed I noticed the departure lounge was empty. I went to the boarding gate to be told: 'Your plane left an hour ago'. I had to sleep overnight in this little cubicle because it was too much hassle to travel back into the city. I ended up not getting much sleep and spent the night working on more Lostboy songs."