Rapper Jim Jones was the victim of a botched attempted robbery on the streets of New York on Monday (24Oct11).
The Diplomats star was walking through Harlem when three thugs approached him and tried to grab his jewellery.
He tells Hot 97 radio personality Miss Info, "The first guy, I beat the s**t out of him. Then, the second guy jumped in with a metal pipe. I was so amped up, I didn't even feel him hitting me with it."
But Jones decided to run for his life when he realised one robber had a firearm.
He says, "I was still putting a beating on the first guy, but when the third guy pulled out a gun, I got out of there. I left. Anyone with a brain would do the same."
The hip-hop star, who emerged from the altercation uninjured, is sure the men were after his pricey jewellery and insists it "won't happen again".