Rapper Jim Jones is set to broaden his fanbase by using sign language in his latest music video.
The hip-hop star and two pals translate the lyrics to Perfect Day for hard-of-hearing viewers in a pop-up box during the promo, which has since become a sensation on YouTube.com, attracting more than 500,000 hits.
Jones has revealed he was inspired to reach out to those with hearing problems because the mother of one of his close friends is deaf, according to the New York Daily News.
He tells the publication, "She asked, 'Why don't people in the music industry ever have people doing sign language in their videos because they love music, too?' They can feel the beat like anybody else."
The rapper enlisted an expert to show him the necessary signs to communicate the song's lyrics, adding: "I learned it like in five minutes. I would love to learn some more sign language. I think it's kinda fly (cool)."
Jones also played down his brush with the law last month (Mar11) when he was arrested in New York for driving on a suspended licence, insisting: "I travel so much... it was an honest mistake."