As a part of the Jimmy Savile investigation 'Operation Yewtree', Jim Davidson has been the latest to be arrested.

As the Independent reports, the comedian was arrested at his home in Hampshire after plain clothed policeman went inside and drew the curtains on the ground floor. Later police cars showed up to take him away. Neither Davidson's agent, his solicitor, nor Scotland Yard would confirm that the 59 year old arrested today was Davidson. 

He had commented on the investigation before asking for it all to be wrapped up. "Everyone is now an expert. Just pick someone you don't like and say it's them. So I'll be the first one to knock it on the head and belt up. How's about that then?" he wrote on his blog.

This comes as a shock in particular because he has been widely rumoured to be appearing in this year's Celebrity Big Brother which starts tomorrow- perhaps why police opted to wait until today to arrest. Channel 5 have also failed to either confirm or deny Davidson's involvement within the show in the light of the latest reports.

Davidson's arrest is the tenth since the investigation began after the Jimmy Savile scandal erupted in September. Freddie Star, Gary Glitter, and Max Clifford are among the other high profile men to have been arrested.