LATEST: Jim Caviezel is struggling to land the lead role in the new Superman movie - because director Bryan Singer wants an unknown actor.

The Passion Of The Christ heart-throb admits he is in talks to star in SUPERMAN RETURNS - but looks set to miss out because he's too famous.

Caviezel tells American website IESB.COM, "It appeals to me a great deal, but I haven't seen a script yet.

"I like to play iconic characters, and I see the role of Superman as a big responsibility. Playing Superman would be a great challenge.

"I have had no direct, face-to-face talks with Bryan Singer. All talking has been done through mediators."

But Singer recently told AIN'T-IT-COOL.COM, "James Caviezel is a wonderful actor. But I'm committed to casting an unknown."

Caviezel, meanwhile, knows if he manages to persuade Singer to change his mind, he could never outdo the original Superman, CHRISTOPHER REEVE - who passed away on Sunday (10OCT04).

He says, "Christopher Reeve is the greatest Superman ever in my mind.

"The original movies transcend what is common in film because they mix comedy and drama so well."

14/10/2004 17:23