Hollywood's most recent JESUS, Jim Caviezel, had gossips in Rome, Italy speaking in tongues when he was spotted dining with Tom Cruise's one-time date Sofia Vergara recently. Pious The Passion Of The Christ star Jim Caviezel, a practicing Catholic, left a tribute to designer Valentino in Rome on 6 July (07) to meet the sexy Latina for dinner at his favourite restaurant Antonio al Pantheon. But the actor's aides insist Caviezel isn't cheating on Kerri, his wife of 10 years - he and Vergara share the same publicist. Restaurant owner Antonio Gardini tells In Touch Caviezel was dining with Vergara at his restaurant - but the meal was all business. Gardini claims Caviezel fell in love with his restaurant after sampling the pasta with mushrooms and Montalcino wine - and he orders the same dish every time he visits.