British star Jim Carter keeps the crew working on Downton Abbey entertained between filming by teaching them circus tricks.
The 63 year old was a tightrope worker in his youth but gave up his trade to become an actor - although he does showcase his unusual talents while working on the hit period drama.
He tells Britain's Daily Express, "I went to a circus school in New York in the Seventies and I was a tightrope walker in my 20s but you might not think it to look at me now. I was a pretty good juggler and could ride a unicycle and I did a magic act.
"I stepped back from all that when it started getting in the way of acting. I taught the runners on Downton Abbey to juggle and I have been known to do card tricks but my magic act was the worst in the world.
"I still occasionally do some magic, card tricks and juggling but I'm a bit heavy for the tightrope. I don't think that I would want to venture on to the tightrope again. It would have to be a b**ody big one if I did."