For a film that depicted one man’s journey as he unwittingly became a staple diet of American’s TV-watching public, it’s perhaps fitting that The Truman Show should be adapted for the small screen by Paramount.

Truman ShowImage: The Truman Show soundtrack

The studio, as Paramount exec Amy Powell told The Wrap, will be looking to use a host of content to make the series happen. Including The Truman Show itself, their owned novels, screenplays and non-fiction that could all contribute to the development of a small screen adaptation. 

"We have three buckets of content we're looking at, and one of them is intellectual property the studio, which has been around for over 100 years, owns," Powell explained. 

“These are not just movies we've produced and released, but screenplays and articles and novels we have. “The Alienist” is an incredible piece of writing. When I was looking through our library, I thought this is something we have to do. I felt the same way about the Lindbergh biography. These are two examples of material that this studio has in its library that we can make amazing TV out of.”

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The Truman show was a smash hit back in 1998, while handing Jim Carrey his first ‘straight up’ role, for which he garnered critical acclaim. For some, his performance as Truman was deserved of an Oscar nomination at least. The film hit the high score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, placing it forever in the ‘modern classic’ category. 

It was a financial success, too, grabbing an impressive $264.1m from the global box office. What’s more, a lack of special effects and pretty simple sets meant the budget for the film stood at an estimated $60m, despite reports that it took as much as $80m to make it.

Of course, given that the film managed to predict many of the tropes of modern television (reality TV, etc.) it’s intriguing to think what the TV version could entail. 

The Truman show isn’t the only cult classic making its way from the silver screen to TV sets across the world. Fargo – The Coen Brother’s 1996 film – is set to debut on Tuesday April 15 and stars Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman. It follows a drifter who arrives in Bemidji, Minnesota, influencing the town and its population with his violent, menacing ways.

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