After a trying year, Jim Carrey can finally relax as he is cleared of the wrongful death of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White. The case was dismissed after his lawyer concluded that apparent evidence against him - produced by her husband Mark Burton, her mother Brigid Sweetman and their lawyer - was faked.

Jim Carrey at Venice Film FestivalJim Carrey at Venice Film Festival

The actor was sued in September 2016 by Burton and Sweetman after they claimed that he was responsible for her death from an overdose the previous year. His countersuit claimed that the pair were attempting to extort him due to his fame and money, and that White herself had threatened to leak false information to the press that he had given her a number of sexually transmitted diseases.

It was those alleged diseases that, Burton and Sweetman claim, caused her mental breakdown and subsequent overdose, but when Carrey's attorney Raymond Boucher asked for evidence that she had clean test results in 2011 before meeting Carrey, he declared the produced documents as a forgery and possibly not belonging to White at all.

'The test result that Plaintiff Burton had produced is not identified as belonging to Ms. White, but to a third party, Jane Doe', he said in his declaration. 'Jane Doe's records from Planned Parenthood included Jane Doe's April 22, 2013 request for her medical records. The was no record, however, of a visit, examination, testing, or any lab results in December 2011.'

'The facility confirmed there was no record of a December 2011 visit by Jane Doe', he continued. 'In comparing White's 2011 document to that White and Marchino used to extort Carrey in 2013 with Jane Doe's authentic records from PPSGV, I concluded that White's 2011 document was a forgery.'

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The case was dismissed on January 25th with Carrey's attorney simply commenting that the actor is looking forward to moving on with his life. Sweetman and Burton's attorney Michael Avenatti told The Hollywood Reporter: 'We have no further comment at this time.'