Ok, we all watched and, for the most part, enjoyed the Dumb & Dumber To trailer this week. It looks as though Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are harking back to the original for plenty of nostalgic references, which is fair enough, but there was one element of the classic 1994 movie that got no mention.

Jim CarreyJim Carrey stars in Dumb & Dumber To

Tom Neely’s Seabass character was one of the highlights of the original and we were delighted when we saw the hockey star’s name on the IMDB’s credits list for the sequel. However, Neely was nowhere to be seen in the trailer – which left us wondering.

Anyway, the Boston Herald did the digging for us and caught up with Bruins president Neely for a discussion about Dumb & Dumber To. He confirmed that he’d filmed a scene for the sequel but was unsure whether he’d make it to the big screen. His omission from the trailer suggests he may have been overlooked – but here’s to hoping.

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The trailer for Dumb & Dumber To was unveiled on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, with some of the more close-to-the-bone scenes totally grossing out house band The Roots.

Cam Neely’s turn in the original – a massive hit for hockey fans – saw im play trucker Seabass who terrorized Jim Carrey’s character in a gas station bathroom after tracking him down following an incident at a diner.

The new movie – set for November– sees Harry and Lloyd trekking across the country (again) in search of a long-long daughter.

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