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Leoni Learns She Is Sonny Bono's Size

Actress TEA LEONI was horrified to discover she has exactly the same body type as late hippie TV icon SONNY BONO when she tried on one of his old costumes. Leoni and FUN WITH...

Ferguson's Lemony Snicket's Fury

Scottish comedian CRAIG FERGUSON is refusing to watch JIM CARREY's hit movie LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, because all of his scenes were edited out. Ferguson had a small role in the...

Carrey Becomes An American Citizen

Canadian comedian JIM CARREY has fulfilled a longtime ambition to become an American citizen. Following in the footsteps of fellow Canadian PAMELA ANDERSON and Irish actor PIERCE BROSNAN, the star will make the most...

Carrey's Turning Into A Monk

Film star JIM CARREY is abstaining from vices and giving up his worldly possessions - in an attempt to exorcise his demons. The BRUCE ALMIGHTY star is studying Chinese Taoism and has given...

Angry Carrey's Baseball Bat Threat

Hollywood star JIM CARREY considers himself lucky he's not serving a lengthy jail sentence after a job in a tyre manufacturing plant turned him into an angry young man - with a baseball bat....

Carrey Quits Marijuana

Hollywood star JIM CARREY has quit smoking marijuana in an attempt to become a better person. The funnyman believes the drug is psychologically addictive, and has permanently quit smoking it to enable him to...

Jim Carrey's New Girl

Hollywood superstar JIM CARREY has a new girlfriend - and she's roughly half his age. The 41-year-old BRUCE ALMIGHTY star has fallen head over heels in love with 23-year-old Danish model BETINA HOLTE....

Carrey: There's Nothing Wrong With 'Fart Jokes'

JIM CARREY has shunned suggestions his comedy films have been responsible for the "dumbing of America" - insisting that there's nothing wrong with a fart joke. The rubber-faced Canadian comedian made his name with...

Carrey's Chain Smoking Parents

JIM CARREY is proud of the fact he has been able to give up cigarettes - because his parents were chain smokers. The funnyman quit smoking years ago when he realised he was following...

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