Merry Christmas to all. It's probably the case that everyone has had to dress up as Santa Claus at least once in their life; stomping around the house, 'Ho Ho Ho'-ing and eating mince pies next to the fireplace, ready to vanish back to bed before you wake the household. But you don't have to be a trained actor to perfect the role of Father Christmas, as actor Jim Broadbent explained - it's all in the costume.

Jim Broadbent stars alongside Warick Davis in 'Get Santa'
Jim Broadbent stars alongside Warick Davis in 'Get Santa'

"As soon as I got it all on I thought, 'Oh, this is good - it does all my acting for me!'" said Broadbent, who plays St. Nicholas in the recent Christmas hit 'Get Santa'. But for someone with such a storied and impressive career as Broadbent - who has worked on the 'Harry Potter' series and 'Cloud Atlas' amongst many others - just what draws someone to working on a Christmas film?

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"I read the script and I laughed out loud," he explained. "I thought it was wonderful, it was a smart piece of writing and moving and funny and clever and Christmassy all in one." And just who was the man behind this "funny and clever" script? Well, writer/director Christopher Smith; a man known best for graphic horror (and horror-comedy) films like 2009's 'Triangle' and 2006's 'Severance'. "He was great," announced Broadbent. "Just so enthusiastic."

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So, if you still have to put in an appearance as Santa this year, or are already planning ahead for next Christmas, Broadbent went ahead and explained one of the key things to remember about playing Father Christmas: "You've got to tick all the boxes. Everyone knows what they expect, so you've got to give everyone what they expect and a bit more."

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'Get Santa' was released in theatres in early December 2014, and has so far seen glowing reviews from audiences and critics alike.