The Biggest Loser returned for its new season premiere last night (January 6, 2013), once again giving Americans a guilt-free platform to laugh at really overweight people under the guise of showing their support by watching a show about those trying to lose weight.

Those who watch the show will be fully aware of hard-ass Jillian Michaels, the show’s tough loving host who shouts, belittles and bullies the contestants into shifting those pounds. Michaels took a break last year but appeared to be back to her vitriolic best on Sunday night, with the Huffington Post reporting that she was so tough on day one that she’d thrown three of the five contestants out of the gym. Impressive strength. Jillian’s style of motivation has never been for anyone, and depressingly the first member of the team to leave the show wasn’t even eliminated, with Nikki quitting after being given the ultimatum of doing the work or quitting the show. We can sympathize with Nikki, this was no simple act of laziness; she’s struggled with bulimia and eating disorders in her past and found The Biggest Loser’s emotional battle too much to take on.

TC was the next to follow suit after losing the first weigh-in. He’d lost the lowest percentage of weight on Jillian’s team, bringing a disappointingly premature end to his time on a show that he’d spent two years trying to get on. The good news is he’s reportedly been continuing his weight loss at home. Good on him.