Actress Jill Hennessy feels sorry for her twin sister Jacqueline - because she's always getting mistaken for the former LAW & ORDER star.
And to make matters worse, her sister is a deeply private person.
Hennessy explains, "I would never want to subject her to my life because shes inadvertently been the subject of such insanity solely by looking like me. She gets stalked by people who dont believe shes my twin.
"Shell very kindly say, 'Im Jack, her sister,' and theyll think shes lying. They think its really Jill Hennessy just being really bitchy! People have yelled at her and just stormed away and I think its my fault.
"Shes a brilliant writer and television journalist in Toronto and is well known in Canada in her own right. I do feel bad when I hear the occasional story of somebody who got a little irrational and maybe didnt have the best grip on reality, getting upset with her. Its hard not to take it personally and feel somehow responsible."