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12th October 2015

Quote: "I almost died in an emergency room because they didn't see me because I didn't have (health) insurance. Thankfully, a doctor had seen me get turned away. I was dying of lead poisoning and he gave me some antibiotics and saved my life." Singer Jewel remembers a kind doctor who came to her rescue when she was poor and homeless.

29th September 2015

Quote: "He was killed a couple of days later, so I guess I could have been on that trip." Singer/songwriter Jewel recalls turning down a trip to Sin City with tragic rapper Tupac Shakur, who was killed there in 1996.

5th November 2014

Fact: Singer/songwriter Jewel is in the process of writing a new memoir, which she hopes to release next year (15). Her last autobiography, Chasing Down the Dawn, hit shelves nearly 15 years ago.

2nd July 2013

Fact: Singer Jewel has signed up to replace Sara Bareilles as a judge on the upcoming fourth season of U.S. reality show The Sing-Off. She joins returning talent scouts Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman, while Nick Lachey will continue as host when the Tv contest kicks off again this winter (13).

24th May 2013

Quote: "June Carter Cash gave me her perfume bottle. I told her she smelled good, and she said I should take it." Singer Jewel on her keepsake gift from the country music legend, who she portrays in new Tv biopic Ring of Fire.

23rd May 2013

Quote: "It's branding season, so we've been castrating and earmarking our cattle. City people are squeamish about that stuff, but I grew up on a farm, so I rope, brand... all of that... I was raised in rural Alaska, so that's what I enjoy - open space and fresh air." Singer Jewel on farm life with bull rider husband Ty Murray in Texas.

22nd May 2013

Quote: "I had to sing like her... It was actually hard because her mannerisms onstage are so different and you have to act the whole time you're singing. When I sing, I use my hands and I'm ethereal and she's just very grounded and she stomps and she claps, so it was actually kinda really difficult to forget my muscle memory and do what she did." Jewel struggled to perform as country music legend June Carter Cash in new Tv biopic Ring of Fire.

22nd May 2013

Quote: "I had prosthetic dentures for the role and I tweeted a picture of myself and it started this riot online of like, 'You sell out, how could you fix your teeth?' I had people send me hatemail about my teeth and then once people thought I'd fixed them they were sending me hatemail about fixing them, so you just can't win." Singer Jewel on the storm she stirred up when first images of her as country music legend June Carter Cash hit the Internet. The star plays Johnny Cash's late wife in a new Tv biopic.

22nd April 2013

Tweet: "thankful 2 b raised on the land in Ak (Alaska), drinking clear stream water, eating what nature provided. Lets (sic) care 4 her as she cares 4 us EarthDay". Singer Jewel encourages fans to embrace a greener lifestyle to mark Earth Day on Monday (22Apr13).

8th April 2013

Quote: "I never told anyone, a large studio wanted to do a movie about my life when I was 22 and I turned it down... who does that? What an idiot." Country star Jewel regrets turning down an offer to tell her life story on the big screen.

22nd February 2013

Quote: "Every single person in her life was an addict - her husband, all of her children - it was just something very foreign to me. I had to learn a lot about co-dependence and addiction to truly get myself in that frame of mind of how you stay and not leave through all of that." Singer Jewel on preparing to play country music icon June Carter Cash in a new Tv movie.

19th February 2013

Tweet: "Gosh, my voice is still hoarse from my head cold. Had to drop Panis Angelicus down to F just to be able to sing it. So bummed #divaproblems". Singer Jewel has to rework her songs as she overcomes a recent illness.

11th July 2012

Tweet: "Its Kase's first birthday! I can't believe I have a one year old! ‪Best Thing Ive Ever Done." Country singer Jewel is celebrating her son's first birthday on Wednesday (11Jul12).

23rd May 2012

Fact: Pop star Jewel will serve as spokesperson for the inaugural National Breast Reconstruction Awareness (Bra) Day to promote education, raise funds for research and improve access to women eligible for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

10th May 2012

Quote: "Need pretty straight teeth to play Mrs. June, so I'm at dentist getting fitted for prosthetic teeth! Be so cool (to see) my teeth all purdied (sic) up." Singer Jewel is getting a perfect smile to portray country music legend June Carter in a new TV movie.

16th April 2012

Quote: "Look what I found. Poor thing must have hit my window and is stunned. Hope he's not hurt 2 (too) bad. I gave him sugar water and made him a comfy little nest out of old gloves - hope he feels better!" Country star Jewel showed off her caring side on Sunday (15Apr12) by taking in an injured bird she found in the grounds of her property.

21st September 2011

Tweet: "I drove! To town! By myself! The baby is with a sitter! My first time away! Ok, its just to get my teeth cleaned, but still- kinda crazy -ha" Singer and new mum Jewel is nervous leaving her newborn baby boy, Kase, for the first time since giving birth in July (11).

20th September 2011

Tweet: "There must be a gay man trapped inside me, because I can't stop watching the movie Showgirls." Singer and new mum Jewel can't get enough of the critically-panned 1995 movie.

9th August 2011

Tweet: "Up feeding my precious baby... Getting no sleep never seemed so good." Country singer Jewel is enjoying motherhood after giving birth to son Kase last month (Jul11).

13th July 2011

Tweet: "Thanks for the sweet well wishes for me & my new family. We feel so blessed to have this healthy baby in our life - Ty says he is perfect - & he is!" New mum Jewel thanks fans on after giving birth to son Kase. It is the singer and her rodeo star husband Ty Murray's first child.

12th July 2011

Tweet: "congrats on your sweet little one! Much love to you and your new family" Country star Leann Rimes sends her best wishes to new mum Jewel, who gave birth to baby boy Kase on Monday night (11Jul11).

8th July 2011

Quote: "Pregnancy is a privilege, and I feel lucky that I get to do it. It's kind of sad that men don't. I didn't know what to expect, every woman is different and you hear such horror stories. But I also heard that you should try to enjoy it, so I took that to heart and tried not to fret about weight gain or anything else." Pregnant singer Jewel is enjoying life as a mother-to-be.

30th May 2011

Quote: "We were both real careful and kind of cautious about it. I think it sort of scared both of us. We feel like it's great timing, even though we're a little older." Pregnant singer Jewel is delighted to be expecting her first baby after a 10-year long romance with rodeo star TY MURRAY, who she married in 2008.

16th February 2011

Tweet: "Just left the Swiss Consulate where I renewed my passport - proud to be a Swiss Citizen!" American singer Jewel reveals she has strange citizenship thanks to her dad's Swiss heritage.

24th January 2011

Fact: Pregnant singer Jewel is expecting a baby boy.

19th October 2009

Fact: Singer Jewel is the latest star to land her own meal at U.S. diner chain Denny's. The star has her own signature dish, Jewel's Acoustic Smoked Chicken Quesadilla, featured on the restaurant's Allnight Rockstar menu, joining Rascal Flatts and rockers Hoobastank, who share the culinary honour.

1st June 2009

Quote: "I should definitely be a statistic in some ditch somewhere begging for food. So it’s amazing to me, it’s such a gift that I get to do this with my life." Jewel is still stunned to have carved out a successful singing career.

18th November 2008

Fact: Courtney Love, Brody Dalle, CHARO, Chrissie Hynde and THE GOGOS' Jane Wiedlin have been named among the 20 Hottest Female Guitarists of all time in a new magazine poll. Jewel, Heart's NANCY WILSON and LITA FORD also make the eclectic countdown in Guitar World magazine.

14th November 2008

Fact: Jewel is celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving break (27-30Nov08) by offering downloads of her album PERFECTLY CLEAR for just a dollar on her website, She'll donate the proceeds from the giveaway to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

18th August 2008

Quote: "I grew up with my teeth the way they are. I'm used to how I am... I feel lucky and blessed. I've been given some huge gifts and it feels greedy to want more." Jewel on her crooked teeth.

1st November 2007

Quote: "We're starting to think about it. We're starting to think it's time. If we had kids, we'd get married for sure." Singer Jewel has motherhood in mind with rodeo beau TY MURRAY.

2nd November 2006

Fact: RANDY OWEN, lead singer of ALABAMA, and country star Blake Shelton will join the judging panel for season five of country musical talent show NASHVILLE STAR beginning 11 January (07). Owen and Shelton join returning judge ANASTASIA BROWN. Jewel will serve as host and Cowboy Troy returns as co-host.

30th October 2006

Fact: Pop star Jewel is to give her hits an orchestral feel when she performs with the CHICAGOLAND POPS ORCHESTRA on an upcoming tour date in Joliet, Illinois. The 28 November (06) show will be filmed for a two-hour TV concert special.

27th September 2006

Fact: Singer/songwriter Jewel will co-host the USA Network's NASHVILLE STAR with Cowboy Troy when the talent search returns for its fifth season on 11 January (06). She replaces WYNONNA, who co-hosted with Troy last season.

27th September 2006

Fact: Singer/songwriter Jewel will co-host the USA Network's NASHVILLE STAR with Cowboy Troy when the talent search returns for its fifth season on 11 January (06). She replaces WYNONNA, who co-hosted with Troy last season.

15th July 2006

Fact: Folk-singer Jewel was in a rap duo when she was younger.

14th July 2006

Quote: "When I was 15, I was obsessed with Cole Porter. It was the height of the Madonna craze and I dressed like it was 1940s, in antique pillbox hats." Jewel on her teenage fashion sense.

20th June 2006

Fact: Pop star Jewel is developing a new girl-power character for US cartoon network Nickelodeon. The singer's creation will be called PUNK ROCK ANGEL GIRL.

6th January 2006

Fact: <p>Q'ORIANKA KILCHER, Colin Farrell's teenage love interest in new period action movie The New World, is looking to follow cousin Jewel into the pop charts with an album of songs inspired by the film. </p>

8th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I think all guys want to be cowboys and all girls want to have sex with them." Singer Jewel muses about dating bull-riding champion TY MURRAY. </p>

1st September 2005

Fact: <p>Q'ORIANKA KILCHER, the new face of POCAHONTAS in upcoming movie The New World, is pop star Jewel's cousin. </p>


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