Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson has begged fans to stop following him back to hotels in between the band's gigs because he always worries "pursuit jockeys" are out to do him and his wife harm.

The rocker assures fans he won't sign autographs and pose for photos if fans track down his whereabouts and decide to pay him a visit.

In a post on the group's page, he writes, "There have been a few threats of physical violence towards me in recent times, and my first assumption is that someone following me in a car after a show and jumping out when I pull into a hotel is up to no good.

"My hotel is my sanctuary. You frighten my wife and put me under pressure to react to potential violence. Stop and think: If you were on your way home from work, late at night, and you became aware of a car or two following you to your home in the dark, you would get worried and understandably probably lock your car doors and call the cops.

"Please Don't Do This. I won't be in a good mood, and I won't sign your albums, in spite of your arguments and protestations. You will get angry, call me names and I will get even angrier than you... Not a nice way for any of us to end the otherwise pleasurable evening."