Jesy Nelson has been left shaken by a second enormous spider in her home.

The Little Mix star has been spending time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems not even her own house is safe, as she's managed to encounter two eight-legged creatures since the UK entered lockdown last month.

Jesy, 28, took to Instagram to film the arachnid - which was on the floor in her hallway - and described it as a ''tarantula'' as she kept fans updated on the situation.

She said in the video: ''I don't know if I've been keeping you updated with the spider story, but there's another spider and it's a tarantula, you have to see this.''

The 'Power' hitmaker zoomed her phone camera in on the black spider as it scurried across her floor and into another room, prompting Jesy to scream in horror.

Thankfully, Jesy was able to corner the creepy crawly before trapping it beneath a glass and a piece of paper.

Jesy and her close friend Charlotte Driver - whom she has been spending lockdown with - then let the spider go outside of Jesy's house, where the pair will no doubt be hoping it doesn't make a reappearance.

Meanwhile, the 'Woman Like Me' singer recently admitted she's ditched her fitness routine during quarantine in favour of becoming the ''laziest b***h ever''.

She said: ''I am becoming a whale! All I'm doing is eating, the Deliveroo man is sick of seeing me!

''I've literally been the laziest b***h ever. I'm just really enjoying eating what I want. Normally I'd be thinking, 'Oh God, I got a video next week, I need to fit into those latex trousers!' ''

And Jesy is trying to see the positives in the lockdown situation.

She explained: ''I'm just trying to think positive. This hasn't happened before and normally everyone is obsessed with work, so this is a great time for everyone to reconnect with their families, something they'd never normally do.

''I think it's really nice that we've been able to go back to things we used to do. It's good your mental health.''