Jessie Ware would ''love to have a baby.''

The 28-year-old singer can't wait to start a family with her husband Sam Burrows but admits her forthcoming new album 'Tough Love' and subsequent tour have put their baby plans on hold for the time being.

When asked if she would like to have children, she said: ''We're just working out the best time to pop one [a baby] out!''

The couple, who first met when they both attended a co-educational independent school in Dulwich, tied the knot on the Greek Island of Skopelos, where they also got engaged, a few weeks ago and the brunette beauty still hasn't got the hang of calling Sam her husband.

When asked how life has changed since getting married, she told the MailOnline: ''[It] doesn't feel too different. It feels so funny calling him my husband.''

Meanwhile, the tracks featured on 'Tough Love' are based on Jessie's past experiences on romance, but she insists not all of the songs are based on Sam.

She explained: ''A lot of the songs are fantasy and embellished thoughts where I'm telling a story.

''I absolutely think that if I wrote a full album about our relationship it would be so dull because we don't fight and are easy going!''

'Tough Love' is set for release on October 6.