Jessie Ware needs fans to be "up close and personal" at her live shows to fully immerse themselves in her "sexy dance record".

The 'Spotlight' singer was forced to reschedule her tour in support of her acclaimed album, 'What's Your Pleasure?', to December, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and she has insisted the disco songs require people to dance freely and be intimate, which is not possible with the current social-distancing measures in place to help slow the spread of the infectious virus.

Speaking on Friday's (05.02.21) episode of 'The Graham Norton Show', Jessie said of her tour: “It’s moved to December which is sensible and realistic, and the album is a sexy dance record – people need to be up close and personal.”

The 36-year-old star, who has today (05.02.21) released the track 'Remember Where You Are' as a single, previously revealed how she plans to perform the album during gigs.

She said: "I think the beauty of this particular record is that I can essentially play with a DJ and backing singers if I want, or I could make it a full band. There's a big scope of how I can do it.

"That was the thing that was frustrating with the setup of the last record - I was having to say no to shows cos I couldn't afford to do it. I like the freeness of this, it's malleable, being able to perform this live - whether that's over the internet for you guys with a backing track.

"I think it'll be an interesting task that I'm very willing to undertake, how to integrate the slow moments of my other records and music that people have enjoyed of mine before.

"I think it'll be an exciting task but I think it'll have to be a moment within the show.”

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