Jessie Ware's new album is ''escapist and fantasy-led''.

The 35-year-old star has admitted to embracing her adventurous side while writing 'What's Your Pleasure?', likening the new record to ''cheating''.

She explained: ''I got there through pure fantasy and desire! I needed to feel like I was almost reacting to the opposite of how I was living my life, however much I adore my life.

''I wanted to pretend that I could write about strangers meeting in clubs, the freeness of that, and it being escapist and fantasy-led. I'd never really explored flirtation through music and it was actually really, really fun and quite addictive.

''It feels almost like cheating but it's not, it's letting your mind go elsewhere.''

Jessie has also revealed how she plans to perform the album during gigs.

She told the Guardian newspaper: ''I think the beauty of this particular record is that I can essentially play with a DJ and backing singers if I want, or I could make it a full band. There's a big scope of how I can do it.

''That was the thing that was frustrating with the setup of the last record - I was having to say no to shows cos I couldn't afford to do it. I like the freeness of this, it's malleable, being able to perform this live - whether that's over the internet for you guys with a backing track.

''I think it'll be an interesting task that I'm very willing to undertake, how to integrate the slow moments of my other records and music that people have enjoyed of mine before.

''I think it'll be an exciting task but I think it'll have to be a moment within the show.''