Jessie Ware insisted it was a ''no brainer'' to release her album as normal during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 35-year-old singer will drop 'What's Your Pleasure?' later this month and while her record company were open to the possibility of delaying the record until the global health crisis is over, the 'Say You Love Me' hitmaker felt it was important to carry on as planned.

She said: ''Disco dance groove, that's what I've been really wanting to listen to in this time.

''So why would I not put out a record that was ready? It was a no brainer. I think everyone is discussing music in a different way during lockdown. I definitely am.''

Jessie's latest single, 'Save a Kiss', was written about the time she spends away from her husband Sam Burrows and their two children while working and she admitted the words have taken on a new meaning for her because of being in lockdown.

She told ''The words really resonate now. By complete accident.

''It's been amazing being with [my family] and promoting a record in this time.

''My husband and I get on so crazy well and that's been really nice because we're two kids. We've been together since we were 18 but we have a right old giggle together.''

While staying at home with her family, the 'Table Manners' host has been ''killing'' making sourdough bread and has now moved on to getting better at doing her daughter's hair.

She said: ''I'm working on the French plait. That's kind of my lockdown thing now.''

Jessie's new album, 'What's Your Pleasure?', will be released on 19 June.