Jessie Ware was worried about ''embarrassing'' herself in front of Ed Sheeran.

The 'Say You Love Me' singer worked with the 'A Team' hitmaker for a track on her new album 'Tough Love' and felt she had to push herself harder to match his talent.

She said: ''I took more risks [on this album] and it was scary.

''Working with Ed Sheeran on the track 'Say You Love Me' really pushed me vocally as he can do loads of things with his voice. I'd be thinking, 'I'd better sing this well and not embarrass myself.' ''

Despite only finding fame in the last few years, Jessie, 30, is grateful she didn't experience success until later.

The former backing singer told Stylist magazine: ''I'm really happy all this is happening now as when I was younger, the decisions I made maybe wouldn't have been as good.

''I don't know, I guess you just grow up. It's not to say that someone who is 21 can't make good decisions, it's just that I feel a lot better doing it all now I'm a bit older.''