Jessie Ware has delayed her album 'What's Your Pleasure?' by a week.

The 'Spotlight' singer has decided to push back the release of her follow-up to 2017's 'Glasshouse', which was due out on June 19, as it's Juneteenth day, the anniversary of the day slaves in Galveston, Texas, first learned of their freedom on June 19, 1865.

The 35-year-old star explained that it's an ''important day for black voices'' and she doesn't want to ''distract'' from what's ''important''.

In a video posted on Instagram, Jessie said: ''It's been brought to my attention that June 19 is in fact a special date in American history.

''It's an incredibly important day for black voices, and I don't want to distract from those voices or those experiences or stories in any way.

''And therefore I have to move my album 'What's Your Pleasure?' back one week to come out on [Friday,] June 26 globally.

''This means the world to me and I appreciate your understanding in this. Thanks so much.''

The record will now be released on June 26.

Jessie recently revealed she wanted to make a ''sensual and suggestive'' album because it was so different to her own life.

The singer - who has two children with husband Sam Burrows - enjoyed writing about characters going out and having fun with strangers because she wasn't interested in songs about ''domesticity''.

She shared: ''I wanted it to be overtly sensual and suggestive and full of the things I wasn't actually doing.

''I was a mum of one and then I became a mum of two and I wanted to pretend I was a man or another woman going out clubbing and meeting strangers and having sex.

''Obviously I had sex twice to have babies but, you know. I love my life and I love my family but I wanted to tell stories in another way.

''I didn't need to write another record about domesticity.''

Meanwhile, the 'Say You Love Me' hitmaker recently admitted she thinks there's a ''shelf-life'' for female musicians.

She said: ''I definitely think there's more of a shelf life for women. I don't want to sound negative because actually I'm able to make the music I want to make, but I'm madly thought of as relatively old and I'm 35!''

Jessie has received her fair share of sexism throughout her career and says she is often asked questions men wouldn't be expected to answer.

She explained: ''They don't ask men how they're going to tour with their children, do they?

''But you get used to it, you take it with a pinch of salt, and it's also something that I struggled to work out.''