Jessie J has split from her boyfriend of almost a year, R&B singer Luke James, reportedly because he was only dating her in order to get himself greater exposure in the music industry.

An unnamed source told The Sun on Thursday (October 15th) that “Jessie fell hard for Luke, but over the summer she started having doubts,” suspecting that he was only going out with her in the hope of “raising his profile in the music industry.”

Jessie J Luke JamesJessie J with her boyfriend Luke James in December 2014

The source added that James, 31, had unfollowed 27 year old Jessie on Twitter. Hours before the report emerged, Jessie had composed a lengthy series of tweets urging positivity and kind thoughts among her fanbase, apparently triggered by a negative comment below one of her Instagram posts.

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In the early hours of Thursday morning, she wrote: “The love people will happily give someone when it may be too late, is often the love they really needed to survive when they were falling. Next time you think about making a Instagram joke or to judge someone. Really think. If this was about me, if I felt really low would it help?”

“Be there for someone when they are falling to try help catch them. Not just the person that "cares" when they hit the ground. Anyone who needs a little love and support. Be there. When it's the worst. Be the vitamin to their deficiency. Be a light for them.”

This is only an excerpt of the 14-strong series of tweets, but Jessie was later insistent that this passionate plea wasn’t about herself and was universally applicable. “I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about anyone,” she wrote, and then posted a motivational message: “You got this girl. You are stronger than you think x”.

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