When Jessie J’s Instagram and Twitter posts began donning a “#jessiejalbum3” hashtag, it rightfully brought excitement to her fanbase -- but maybe a little confusion, too, at least for the fans over in the United States. Back in January 2014, Jessie J pulled out of a tour with Robin Thicke in order to complete a version of Alive with new tracks made specifically for an American market. However, it’s now nearly mid-way through the year, and any information regarding new music at all has just referred to an Alive follow-up.

Jessie J Leaving Birthday PartyJessie J Is In The Studio Working On Third Album

Originally released in the UK in September 2013, Alive debuted at #3 on the UK album charts, but ultimately was a disappointment commercially, and that’s something Jessie J even admits herself.

“I’m very aware of how Alive sold, which is why right now I’m working on new music to be put out ASAP,” she told The Sun in April 2014.

While Alive may not have been a colossal failure, it still never came close to the accolades that her debut, Who Are You, received. When your first album goes quadruple platinum in the UK, anything short of that is less than desired. Perhaps this is the reason why her label may have decided to scrap a U.S. release all together, but the problem isn’t that Alive is a bad album (it has a higher Metacritic score than Who Are You) -- it just doesn’t have a ‘Domino.’

The Dr. Luke and Max Martin-assisted ‘Domino’ was released as a single in the U.S. and peaked at #6 on the Billboard charts, selling over a million downloads. The explosively catchy track put Jessie J’s name on the map in America, so it’s very possible that her label doesn’t want to risk a new single flopping in the States until there’s a brand new full-length to promote, especially when her Alive singles didn’t do particularly well either.

Watch Jessie J experimenting with tiger head:

However, is this a bad thing? Could a new album do even worse, as it's arguably being rushed to be recorded and released? Judging by the snippets that Jessie J has posted from the studio, we’re led to believe that new music will have that same signature Jessie sound as always, but time will tell if will work out in her favor commercially.

Similarly, Jason Derulo dealt with an ordeal when it came to his most recent record, Tattoos. It was planned to be released worldwide in August 2013, but it was decided last minute to make it a Europe album only. Instead of it being scrapped completely, the record was re-structured as Talk Dirty with brand new songs and made its U.S. debut in late April. Talk Dirty debuted at #4 on Billboard, Derulo’s highest charting album to date.

Jason Derulo Red CarpetJason Derulo Released 'Talk Dirty' On April 15

Jessie J is planning on performing new material for her appearance at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, which will take place at Whembley Stadium on June 21. While the chance of an Alive U.S. release is most likely dead and buried, the future is at least bright for an entirely new record -- one that will hopefully make a splash in every country possible.

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