Jessie J has toned down her make-up to avoid looking like a ''drag queen''.

The 'Price Tag' singer admits she sometimes gets so carried away with her lipstick and accessories that she ends up looking like a man dressed as a woman.

She said: ''I have calmed down my look. Is it really necessary to wear all that jewellery and make-up at 7am and look like a drag queen?''

But having jetted Down Under last weekend to perform at Future Music festival, the 23-year-old blames her tiredness for her tendency to go over-the-top with her style.

Talking to Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper, she explained: ''When you're tired you start to over-compensate for it by wearing too much bling.''

Another reason for Jessie's fashion rethink is her new role as a mentor on the UK version of 'The Voice'.

She explained to the Daily Mail newspaper: ''It's all about the vocals. I want music to define the show.

''I love getting dressed up but I want to be remembered for singing.

''I am styling myself at the moment. Fashion is something that I love to do. But I am definitely not making everything about image.''