Jessie J can’t stand the constant exploration of her private life, questions about her sexuality and not being taken seriously as a singer in the U.K. So she’s decided to leave London for L.A, somehow arriving at the assumption that none of those things will happen there...

Jessie JJessie J

"In America they see me as a singer whereas here I feel that people don't appreciate my voice. I've dedicated my life to singing and I want it to be taken seriously,” she explained in a recent interview with The Mail on Sunday. "Here it seems that all people want to know is what I've had for breakfast and who I'm sleeping with."

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Having said that, the outspoken singer doesn’t do herself any favours by blurting out exactly what she’s thinking. "Sometimes I don't know when to stop. Sometimes I should just say nothing, but I can't help myself and make some big statement when saying nothing would be much more appropriate,” she explained. 

But her honest is perhaps what has endeared her to a loyal following of fans; details of her private life inevitably spill over the edge, but it’s here candid nature in interviews that leads to the following kinds of details being public knowledge. 

“I'm the sort of person who will order ribs on a date, or the spaghetti bolognese and get it all down my front. And I'm too full-on as a date, too intense. It's like, if I'm going to be someone's girlfriend I have to be a really good girlfriend, which can be a bit much for some people. Maybe I should relax more," she said.

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"People expect me to be really aggressive and they're surprised that I can be vulnerable or feel fragile. I'm probably the least aggressive person you could meet. I'm direct yes, honest yes, but I'm not going to punch you. I am actually a really sweet girl."

Have a nice time in America Jessie.