Jessie J sent Justin Bieber a message of support during his turbulent period earlier this year.

The 'Bang Bang' singer sympathises with the 20-year-old pop superstar because of the immense pressure he is under and the attention his fame brings to him.

As Justin's legal and personal problems began to mount, Jessie initially penned a handwritten letter to him telling the 'Baby' hitmaker he is ''amazing'' and not to let his detractors and the paparazzi get him down.

Speaking in The Sun newspaper, she revealed: ''I just felt like it was my duty. I hand-wrote it, old school. I was just like, 'I'm here, you're amazing.' He's young and he's got so much pressure on him. It's easy for people to comment when he's having a photo taken of him, but you don't see what we see. When it's just a picture of us, you're not seeing the hundreds of people pushing you, kicking you and hurling abuse at you. Sometimes even the people you may frown upon, whose behaviour you may frown upon, they're the ones that need the most help.''

Jessie eventually made the decision not to post the letter as she felt it might be inappropriate to send it to someone who she doesn't know.

However, the 26-year-old singer - who is getting ready to release her new album 'Sweet Talker' - did get a message to Justin telling him she was available to talk if he wanted to.

She explained: ''I just didn't think it was my place. I know people who know him, so I could have got it (the letter) to him. But instead I just made sure his people knew I was available to speak to me - as I have been to many artists.''